How To Get There?

Many ways lead to La Fortuna

Choose based on your preferences or budget

Shared shuttles from San Jose to Arenal Volcano

Some vans leave every single day from San Jose. This is a door-to-door service, and usually, the vans pick you up at your hotel or hostel and drop you off in La Fortuna at your chosen location. Check their options for pick-up and drop-off locations. 

Schedule Morning: 7 am/afternoon 2.30pm 

Available routes: (Min. 2 Pax Required) – Adult $53 / Child $29


*Please note that this service does not offer a direct pick up at the airport. The closest pick-up location from the international airport Juan Santamaria is at Dennis Restaurant in Alajuela (outside of the airport). You will have to take a quick taxi ride to meet your shuttle at the pick-up location. Please note that this service will not wait for you if you experience a delay. Make sure to choose this option only if you have enough buffer time between the arrival of your international flight and the scheduled departure time of your shared shuttle. 

Shared shuttles from San Jose to Arenal Volcano

One of the easiest ways to get to La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano is to hire a private shuttle and driver who will pick you up right upon your arrival at the international airport of San José at any time of the day. It is a 3 hour drive, but you can inquire about stops along the way. 

This is one of the most convenient ways to travel to La Fortuna as a couple, group of friends or family. The driver will also wait for you if your flight experiences a delay and track the flight status of your international flight. 

Available routes: 


Classification by zones: 

  • Guanacaste Zona 1: Papagayo, Hermosa, Coco, Ocotal, RIU, P. Panamá.

  •  Guanacaste Zona 2: Brasilito, Langosta, Tamarindo, Conchal, Flamingo, Potrero.

  • Guanacaste Zona 3: Pinilla, Avellanas, JW Marriott, Sugar, Negra, Grande.

Independent Traveler: Rent a Car

If you are rather the adventurous type of traveler renting a car may be your option instead. Renting a car will also allow you to be flexible once you arrive in La Fortuna.

Here are some tips for you to consider if you like to rent a car to drive to La Fortuna:

  • Choose a 4×4 SUV to conquer any complex terrain or steep hill
  • Activate your international roaming or buy a prepaid sim card at the airport to be able to use Waze or Google Maps to find your way around
  • Download WHATSAPP – we use it for everything in Costa Rica
  • The easiest route to La Fortuna is Route 1 until San Ramon and from there take the 702 to La Fortuna


A private charter service offers unparalleled convenience, allowing you to travel when it suits you. This service gets you fast and direct to your destination, ensuring you maximize your vacation time.

A diverse fleet is available to accommodate solo travelers, couples, families or larger groups. This is a personalized service. Please request a customized quote with our travel expert team. 

Check Parks

Arenal Volcano Park 1968 Trails
The Arenal Volcano is one of the most iconic landmarks the grand majority of Costa Rica travelers is aspiring to witness during their visit.
La Fortuna Waterfall Park
La Fortuna Waterfall: A Jungle Gem Plunging into a Crystal-Blue Lagoon
Mistico Park Hanging Bridges
The park offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the rainforest canopy by crossing a series of hanging bridges suspended high above the forest floor.
Rio Celeste Tenorio Park
Known for its stunning turquoise waters and breathtaking beauty, Rio Celeste is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers.
Wellness Park
Immerse in the grounding energy of “Earthing” on this trial system leading to well-being, calm, and self. 

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