Costa Rica Dog Rescue Experience


Price per Adult: $25 (+ 13 percent tax not included )

Basic Information

Min. Pax: 1 people
Max. Pax: 25 people
Tour Duration: 1 hour
Transform Paws' Lives in La Fortuna

Dive into a journey of compassion and camaraderie at Costa Rica Dog Rescue, nestled in the enchanting La Fortuna area. This experience isn't just about visiting; it's an invitation to participate in a day filled with love, care, and joy, directly impacting the lives of over 200 rescued dogs. Each dog at our center has a unique story of resilience and survival, eagerly awaiting the chance to bond with compassionate souls.

We have many street dogs that all require lots of love and care every day. Currently we have approximately 65 dogs that all need to be walked, loved on and played with daily.

Your Day of Impact:

  • Meet and Greet: Engage in playful activities, vital for their socialization and emotional well-being. Your interaction can make a profound difference in their recovery process.

Experience Details:

  • Contribute to a Cause: Your participation directly supports the ongoing care, rescue, and rehoming efforts, providing a beacon of hope for dogs in need
  • Smoothie Included: Savor a delicious tropical smoothie, a perfect complement to your day of meaningful activities and tropical warmth.
  • No Transportation Provided: Please arrange your own transportation to Costa Rica Dog Rescue. Embrace the journey as part of your commitment to making a difference.


  • Address: 300m before La Catarata, Provincia de Alajuela, La Fortuna.
  • Find the Dog Rescue Center Here: Google Maps Link

Planning Your Visit:

  • Hours: Join us from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (last time to arrive will be 2:oo pm)

Costa Rica Dog Rescue offers more than an experience; it's a chance to leave a lasting impact on the lives of rescued dogs, all within the breathtaking beauty of La Fortuna.

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