Is La Fortuna safe for travellers?

Is La Fortuna safe for travellers?

La Fortuna, Costa Rica is generally a very safe destination. While it is wise to be aware of your surroundings anywhere you might travel in the world, most visitors feel safe while in the town and its immediate surroundings. 

Crime is generally low and most visitors can walk around town during the day and at night without fear. The local police have a good presence in the area, and are quick to respond to any reports of criminal activity. Although it is always best to be careful. 

La Fortuna is generally a safe destination for tourists, who need only take the usual safety precautions. Generally avoid leaving your valuables visible in the car or unattended.  Costa Rica is neither the country to bring your most valuable jewelry which may even be in jeopardy by simply losing it diving, ziplining or rafting down some river rafts. 

Not all dangers are human-related. Watch out. 

Costa Rica is a wild and untamed country with tons of incredible wildlife. Some of the most dangerous encounters you could possibly have, could be with an animal vs. a human. So stay attentive when hiking through the National Parks, wear proper shoes to protect you and light up your path when joining a night hike. 

Also, please do not feed wild animals or try to pet them – they may seem adorable, and like they’re used to people, but they are wild animals, and if they feel scared or threatened, they will bite you, which can lead to infections besides it is illegal to feed or handle wildlife in Costa Rica to protect their health. 


Other Costa Rica survival tips you should consider: 

  • Make sure you shake out your clothes and shoes before you put them on so that you do not get stung by a scorpion or find another critter hidden
  • Wear shoes when swimming in hot springs, rivers, and at beaches so that you do not get cut on sharp coral rocks. 
  • Make sure you clean even small open wounds. The tropics are ripe with bacteria, so cuts can become easily infected.
  • Practice sun safety! Always wear sunscreen, look for shade, and keep hydrated.

La Fortuna is one of the safest urban parts of Costa Rica. It’s a major hub for tourism and incredible adventure tours. There is a decent nightlife scene, and most visitors feel very safe, even walking at night. You can wander around checking out the different bars and restaurants in La Fortuna without having to worry too much. Act with common sense during your vacation and you will have an incredible time. 



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